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Private WHOIS Registrations

(Price is in addition to cost for domain name registration)

Take your personal information out of the public WHOIS database but keep full control of your domain

When you register any domain name ICANN requires your information to be made available for anyone to find on the web. Telemarketers, spammers, marketers and sometimes other people with bad intent mine the WHOIS to get your information.

Our private registrations:

  • Stop spammers cold
  • Derail telemarketing calls and junk mail
  • Provide identity theft protection
  • Keep you from being bombarded with unwanted solicitations

Plus you keep control of your domain
You never give up your right to the domain unlike Proxy services. You have access and control of the domain and all the features and benefits associated with your account.

How does it work?
We replace your registrant, technical, admin and billing information with our own. Including: phone number, email and address. We generate a Spam Filtered email address for you on the WHOIS and only forward emails after spam filtering. Plus we change the email address every week. We scan postal mail that is a legal document and then email it to you. We refer all phone calls to the Private Email address. You may disable/enable your Private Registration service on a domain at anytime

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