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AlaCart Silver
Free with all accounts
25 products
Off-line processing
AlaCart Silver is provided with all hosting accounts.  This product is perfect for the small business with a limited product line of up to 25 products who would like to have a website with a shopping cart without the additional cost of the shopping cart software.  You will be able to accept checks or off-line credit card transactions through secure email orders.  If your business outgrows the shopping cart, you can upgrade to CartXpress.

free to E-Commerce Accounts
$9.95/month otherwise

Real-time processing
CartXpress, powered by osCommerce is a premium e-commerce solution which enables small to medium-sized businesses to implement a robust, secure, and professional online store.

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What is Off-line / Real-time processing?

Before you can accept credit cards for your products or services, you will need to establish a merchant account.  If you do not know who to contact about merchant accounts, we will be more than happy to direct you to a company who can set one up for you.  Depending on whether you want to accept credit card transactions on-line or off-line will determine what services you will need from your merchant account provider. It is typical for most companies starting out to begin with off-line processing.  When their products or services begin to take off they will upgrade to the real-time processing to relieve the manual processing of each credit card order.

Off-line processing means you have a merchant account, and you will be accepting orders from your shopping cart via secure email.  Once you receive these orders, you will manually enter the credit card numbers and amounts via a credit card machine, or possibly an on-line transaction terminal depending on what you have purchased from your merchant account provider.  If the charge is successful you can then process the order.

Real-time processing also means you have a merchant account, and you will be accepting orders from your shopping cart via secure email.  However, with real time processing, the credit card is verified immediately from your website, and are typically deposited directly into a bank account that evening.  When you receive the order via email, you can be assured the order has already been paid for, and you can process the order immediately.

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