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Domain Name FAQ's

These are frequently asked questions about domain names.
If you still have a question, please contact
[email protected]
with your specific question.

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How do I know if my domain name is still available?
You can use the Domain Name search box to check for your domain name.

What is Internic and what do they do?
You can view Internic as the 'master yellow pages' of the internet.
They keep track of the IP addresses of all web sites so when someone types in ,
your browser is directed to the correct address.

Who owns my domain name?
Once you register your domain name, it is yours, and you will be charged an annual registration fee.
When you register your domain name, we submit a registration request with Bulk Register which is processed immediately.
After registration, you will be the primary contact for the domain as long as you continue to own the domain name.

How long does it take for the world to access my domain name?
This will typically depend on the ISP of the user, and how often they update their DNS tables.
Typically takes 24 to 48 hours to complete the process, but may take a few users 3 to 4 days to see your site.

How do I transfer an existing domain I have already registered?
When you sign up for an account and request the optional transfer of a previously registered domain name,
a domain transfer request is automatically initiated.  In some cases you may be required to supply the username and
password issued for your domain account.  In most cases, the administrative contact for the website will receive the
transfer request via email, which will require their authorization to proceed.
Once initiated, the transfer typically takes 24 to 48 hours.

Can I change my domain name?
Unfortunately, No. Automated domain registrations system immediately submits your domain registration to the
InterNIC Registrars.  Once it has been registered, domain names cannot be changed for any reason.
So be careful to check your information and spelling prior to submitting your order!
If you still want to have another domain name, you can still register the new domain name have the one you originally
registered to point to the new domain name for a $10 parking fee.  At that point you can continue to pay registration fees,
or simply let the one you don't want expire.

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