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The ht://Dig system is powerful do-it-yourself tool which allows the user to create a complete World Wide Web indexing and searching system for a particular domain or intranet. It does not replace search engines, such as Lycos or Google, but instead handles search needs within a particular website.

The ht://Dig system is included in Advanced hosting packages and above.  If you have a Basic hosting plan, you can lease ht://Dig on a monthly basis by clicking on the 'Update CP' icon in your control panel. Your control panel will then display the ht://Dig icon.

You can access it through your Control Panel by clicking on the icon:

The Control Panel will prompt you to install ht://Dig. Once the installation is complete, the tool will give you the text, shown below, to copy and paste into the HTML of any of your pages! This provides the search tool on your website.

From that main page, you will also be able to

Search Your Site:

This allows you to search through the content on your website for a particular word or phrase.

The search feature will allow you to search in the following categories:

All - search all words in the field
Any - search for any word containing the character string
Boolean - these limit your search. Examples of Booleans include and, or, not. For example, “cat and dog”, “cat or dog”, “cat not dog”.

These searches that you perform can also be sorted into different categories:

Score - gives a score in stars, for example four out of five stars
Time - search by most recently updated
Title - the title of what is being searched for
Reverse Score - shows the lowest rated matches first
Reverse Time - the oldest updated files first
Reverse Title - shows the least relevant titles first

View Docs

Clicking on "View Docs" will send you to the official website for ht://Dig Website Search Engine. This site contains a Recent News section, as well as a thorough Introduction to the programs’ functions, and a FAQ.

Re-Index Your Site

This allows you to re-index your site, and allows you to enter new words and phrases to be searched. This function is done automatically once a week, but you may choose to re-index the site manually by clicking on the "Re-Index Your Site" link.

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